• 9 reasons to pick Knohopack for your packaging

  • Welcome to Knohopack! Our company was born and grew from Van Marcke Group's need to pack incoming bulk goods and then distribute them to retail. More than 30 years later, we no longer work only for our own group. We have expanded our customer base to include many high-profile names such as Thule, Assa Abloy, Knauf, Pelsis, etc. So, the question is: what can we do for you?

    • Creative packaging

    • And no sooner asked than we have an answer to this question: Our range has many packaging options for numerous non-food items. Below is an overview.

      • Thermoformed packaging
        We have around a thousand non-customer-specific moulds that we thermoform ourselves - unique in the market - from PVC or PET. Depending on the quantities our customers require; we can package from 50 to 500,000 units.
      • Blisters
        Our colleagues fill and seal preformed blisters before repackaging them. This is done manually or (semi-)automatically.
      • Bags
        We also pack products in bags with Eurolock. In terms of sustainable packaging, we recently invested in a digital printing machine to print compostable bags before they are filled. This makes us a pioneer in Europe and still the only packaging partner that digitally prints in-line with water-based inks. This investment not only allows us to expand our target group. We can also reduce the packaging waste stream to 1.
      • Retail boxes
        Large blisters are increasingly being replaced by durable (corrugated) cardboard. Customers now have a choice between two standards of autolock retail box options, equipped with a Eurolock, naturally.
      • Pack compositions
        We find that many of our customers increasingly prefer composite packs. For this, various components are supplied which we pack into one (potentially personalised) pack. Big or small: anything is possible.
      • Skin packs
        Our suite of machines includes a skin packing machine. In this process, we place the product on a piece of cardboard and pull recycled surplus film over it. The result? A sturdy packaging in which your product is still highly visible to the consumer.
      • Shrink wrap
        We can machine wrap any product in shrink wrap. This vacuum packs your product. The flexibility of the film allows us to seal multiple products in one package.
    • Custom cardboard

    • But Knohopack is so much more than packaging. Do you have an idea for a new product? Do you want to test if a packaging is suitable for your products? Are you looking for signage for an event or trade show? With our digicutter, we can produce custom designs from various supports in cardboard. In this we focus on small volumes.

    • In-house print shop

    • In addition, we have an in-house print shop with its own digital printing press, die-cutting machine, cutting machine and punching machine. This also allows us to print inlays, blister cards, manuals, samples, and other promotional materials such as brochures and invitations. Don't have an in-house graphics department? Our team is happy to design all of these items for you.

    • How does Knohopack differentiate itself in the market?

    • We are a unique player in the packaging world. For production companies and companies with questions about repackaging, we are an ideal player thanks to our diverse suite of machines with a large basic standard volume of packaging and packaging materials. And our customers aren't required to send everything for each component for it to be packed. They need only deliver the bulk goods to us for packaging and repackaging.

    • Want to discover for yourself what Knohopack can do for you?

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