• Skin packaging: packaging as protection for your product

  • Skin packaging. You encounter it every day in the store but are not aware that it is just that. At Knohopack we also offer this packaging solution, although not for the food industry. But what is it exactly? Allow us to explain below.

    • What is skin packaging?

    • Skin packaging consists of two elements: Surlyn film and a cardboard card. At Knohopack, we place the product on a personalized cardboard card and pull the film over it like a second skin.

    • How does a skin packing machine work?

    • The whole unit - cardboard card, film and product - passes through the heat tunnel of the skin packing machine, which shrinks the film around the products. When the film has finally cooled down, it retains its shape and position.

    • What are the advantages of skin packaging?

    • 1. Protection

      The film protects and preserves the contents of the package. If we pack products with sharp edges, we use cross-linked film, which greatly reduces the risk of tears and holes.

      2. Presentation

      At Knohopack, we make sure that the cardboard card on which your products are laid out is fully personalized. By doing so, we include both your logo and additional product information.

      3. Sustainability

      Knohopack uses recycled Surlyn film for this solution. Moreover, no harmful gases are released when the film is heated. This guarantees a sustainable production process.

      4. Saving on packaging costs

      Skin packaging is extremely sturdy. This means that there is no need for additional reinforcement. Another expense saved.

    • Interested in skin packaging? Or do you want to brainstorm about which packaging suits your products best? We are at your service and are eager to work with you to establish your ideal packaging solution. Contact us without obligation.