• Biocompostable bags

Keen to easily pack your product and boost your sales? Our custom biocompostable bags are just what you need. Thanks to the eurolock, you can effortlessly hang them in your shop once delivered.

      • Sustainable packaging solution

      • Our bags are not only convenient, they are also biocompostable. This means that they can be composted at home or put in the residual waste bag. More than 80% of the film used for these bags consists of renewable raw materials and is made from sugar cane pulp. What's more, we print the film with water-based inks (without heavy metals or ecotoxic substances).

      • Respond to ever-increasing consumer demands

      • With these bags, you can respond to your customers' ever-increasing demand for sustainable packaging. This packaging complies with the European standard for compostable packaging EN13432 and carries the OK Compost logo in Belgium and the Kiemplant logo in the Netherlands. Keen to find out more?

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